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7 Twitter Tips For Photographers

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Twitter is one of the best technology tools for modern photographers to up their game, build a community and generally be more awesome.
But where to start?

Below, we’ve compiled 7 handy Twitter tips for photographers

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1. Educate yourself on best Twitter practices

Twitter is not a portfolio, nor a promotional mouthpiece (well, it shouldn’t be – anyone using Twitter for these purposes is spamming your timeline, and you should feel free to unfollow). As with any social network, be sure that your behavior on Twitter is appropriate – no hashtag stuffing – and effective – commit to tweeting at least 3 times per day – so you get the most out of it.

2. Follow the biggies

Use Twitter to your advantage as an online networking tool. Connecting with photographer celebrities, whoever those may be in your professional opinion, expands your circle and may provide inspiration.

3. Follow the nobodies

At the same time, build Twitter relationships through selectivity. Rather than doing a mass follow of the top 100 photographers on Twitter, do some digging as to who potential clients might be, other visual artists in your city, colleagues you’ve worked with in the past – get the idea?
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4. Instagram with caution

Fill your Instagram feed to your heart’s content, but remember that tweeting your Instagrams directly from that network provides your followers only with a link that they have to click to see your shot. Instead, opt for a photo sharing tool that enables Twitter Cards – TwitPic, Flickr, etc.

5. Engage your followers

In order to avoid constant shameless self-promotion, use your images as an engagement tool. Ask your followers to provide a caption for your photo, tweet interesting photography tips, retweet other great photos. A few examples:

6. Specifically, show your followers there’s someone behind the tweets

That’s advice that all brands, personal and business, should heed. No matter how large your following, it’s important to follow up when tweeps reach out to you, whether by thanking them for a RT, injecting humor into your tweets, or replying thoughtfully to @ mentions.

7. Take advantage of great mobile photography apps

For on-the-go social photo sharing, there’s no need to break out the DSLR. But you do, of course, still want your Twitter profile’s visual assets to impress. A few favorite photo apps: Camera Awesome, Snapseed, Camera+, and Hipstamatic.

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