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At Healthista, we love to try new recipes. In addition to cookbooks and Pinterest, YouTube is a a quick and simple source for healthy and delicious meals, as long as you’re not expecting Nigella-esque film production values. There’s Healthista’s own YouTube channel that features recipes from our favourite healthy eating cooks including Dale Pinnock and All Godbold. Butthere are also these beauties that tick the quick, entertaining and do-able by the rest of us boxes.

In addition to enhancing online reputation, get views on YouTube will have a direct impact on the number of people interested in watching your video.

Best for wholefood recipes: High Carb Hannah

Hannah Howlett, who goes by the name: High Carb Hannah on YouTube, has lost over 70 pounds (31 kilograms) in the past year and a half. How’d she do it? Lots of potatoes, apparently. She began eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet high in starchy carbohydrates and documented her journey on YouTube. She says she easily lost 40 pounds in six months without incorporating much exercise. After hitting a plateau, she started to incorporate more leafy greens and exercise into her life and lost an additional 30 pounds. Now, she makes loads of healthy recipe videos that are low in fat, oil, salt and refined sugar. And if you’re into minimalism, she and her husband, Derek Howlett, document their tiny house life on their second channel, Life Inside a Box.

Best for budget recipes: Fit Men Cook

When Kevin Curry decided to get in shape, he tried to “out train” his poor diet. But he quickly realized that no amount of exercise in the world could truly counteract his food choices. He began experimenting in the kitchen and strived to make healthy meals simple, affordable and delicious. He started posting his recipes on his blog called “Fit Men Cook” and soon expanded it to a YouTube channel. In addition to posting weekly recipe videos, he shows his viewers what’s in his fridge, what he buys at the grocery store and how to meal prep.

Fit Men Cook is about all of us, both men and women. It’s taking our individual success stories and fitness and nutrition philosophies and sharing those ideas with the each other to grow and improve together. It’s all about everyday people – no matter the fitness level or athletic ability – aiming to live the best life possible through fitness and healthy eating.

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