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FIFA is back with FIFA 17, where there is a lot to talk about. A new engine, new gameplay elements and what not seem to be the main talking points when the game was officially announced. First off, lets talk about the Frostbite engine that has taken over from the previous Ignite engine. I keep getting asked if the new engine has changed the series massively and in all honestly, it has and it hasn’t. Graphically it has, especially up close with kits and player faces detail looking much smoother and realistic compared to the weird and awkward looking player models that we used to get from the Ignite engine.

While player faces look better in FIFA 17, they still have a odd ‘clay’ look to them that lack the amount of detail seen in PES 2017’s player faces. They’re better this year, but still in need of improvement. From a visual gameplay-cam standpoint, it has slightly been improved with better lighting and more detail, but nothing major this year.

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From a gameplay perspective, FIFA 17 has seen a variety of changes this time round. Let’s start off with something that EA are calling ‘Set Piece Rewrite’. Essentially they’ve completely changed the systems for penalties, free kicks and corners, which are all totally different to how they were before and to be honest, while I actually like the new style ‘target marker’ that you can aim anywhere for corners, the penalties and free-kicks felt broken to me.


The biggest criticism I have with the gameplay against the AI within FIFA 17 is that it feels so rigid and all the teams still feel very generic. It seems to be that no matter who you play, they all play similar to the next team. Be it Everton or Real Madrid. This is a little frustrating considering FIFA 17’s rival in PES 2017 has a system that makes each team play differently depending on their playing styles.

The playing styles of teams has been improved since FIFA 16, but its still not on the level that we all want. A team that resides in League 2 shouldn’t be playing football like Barcelona or Bayern Munich. While I had issues with the playing styles of teams, I still enjoyed the gameplay thanks to the improved ball physics and like I mentioned above, the new attacking options that your AI teammates offer you. It’s just a shame that team differences are very limited again in FIFA.

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