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It’s no surprise that customers are doing more of their shopping on mobile devices. After all, the move toward mobile has been increasing for a few years now. What may be a bit of a surprise is where customers are starting their purchase journeys. You can also promote your business or viral your youtube channel buy youtube views and subscribers. One of the places they start is …¬†YouTube. Yes, the mega-mammoth video site is a place where small businesses are finding more and more of their customers. Or perhaps, I should put it this way: YouTube is where more and more customers are finding small businesses.

Think Mobile, Think YouTube

If you’re looking for ways to get word out about the products and services your small business sells, YouTube is a marketing tool you shouldn’t ignore. Its vast audience (over a billion users!) and multimedia format provide a highly effective way for you to communicate your brand message to your audience. And most small businesses can do so at a relatively low cost. It’s not hard to understand why so many people are viewing videos on mobile devices.

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Videos tend to be shared a lot on social sites. People check social media using mobile devices. Videos are often viewed in spare moments, such as while people are waiting in line and commuting to and from work. And people go to videos not just for fun, but to research topics. When they see an ad with a video, it’s a natural next step to go shopping with that ad fresh in their minds.Consumers are doing more of their shopping on mobile, too.

6 Ways to Use YouTube to Market a Small Business

  • Use YouTube as a way to connect personally with customers:
  • Use YouTube to showcase your products’ top features
  • Use YouTube as a platform to prove your own expertise
  • Use YouTube as a medium to present customer testimonials
  • Use YouTube a medium to present in-depth “how-to” videos related to your products
  • As a medium for real time marketing.

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