Louis Vuitton: The most Luxurious Brand On The Earth

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Strive not to be successful, but rather to be of value. Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly known as Louis Vuitton is a popular French fashion house. It was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. It is one of the most luxury brands on the earth. The story of this brand goes back to a young man who left home to earn his living in Paris. Louis arrived in France when he was just 16 years old. From there,he was taken by Monsieur Marechal as an apprentice.

After Louis’s death in 1892, the company was taken over by his son,Georges. Louis Vuitton has become the world’s biggest and popular store. The company’s brand became registered trademark very soon. You can buy instagram follwers. Till then, it has conquered the world through its unique designs. A tumbler lock was patented by the company in 1890 which is still used today.

Louis Vuitton’s Net Worth And Market Place

Louis Vuitton is the world’s 29th recognized brand. The net worth of this brand is around USD $19 billion. It is also considered as the most powerful brand all over the globe. The best part of this brand is that the luggage is still made by hands only by experts. Louis is famous for creating a limited edition collection every season. The brand has used a number of celebrities for its advertising. There are some of the controversies involved with the brand but this has not affected the popularity of this brand. LV is famous for its collaborations with various renowned artists and designers. The brand has always created a range of unique collection.

Special Collaborations

Louis Vuitton has had many collaborations with prominent artists and designers. Takashi Murakami created special edition collections, such as the Monogramouflage Collection. Which debuted in 2008, and a previous collection, released in 2002, which featured some of his artwork. The creations were “painted” over the traditional monogram canvas, which brought a radical new twist to the timeless design. Marc Jacobs also commemorated a previous collaboration, designed by Stephen Sprouse. This collection, originally released in 2001, featured bold print that looked like graffiti, over the traditional canvas. The recreation of the collab used the same idea, but gave it a new twist using bold colors, like hot pink, neon green, and orange, that also glow in the dark. This recreated version of the graffiti collection was finally released in 2009 to much fanfare.

Louis Vuitton also collaborated with Kanye West in 2009, designing his own limited run of shoes. Most recently, Jacobs teamed up with Yayoi Kusama to create the “Infitinetly Kusama” Collection. Which features bold colors of dots over the vernis leather or the monogram canvas. These pieces come in black with white dots, red with white dots, and yellow with black dots. Like this famous brand you can also have so many instagram and twitter followers. If you also have a business or instagram account and want to make it popular then you can get instagram likes. It was released in July 2012. LV has 18.2 million followers on instagram and 6.44 million followes on twitter.

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