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National Geographic Channel (NGC), also called Nat Geo, is in the business that has been serving to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge” in India since July 1, 1998, and over the years it has built a reputation of being a go-to place for knowledge for all those seeking it. The television channel has done a remarkable job in promoting its programs and keeping people excited about things it does. In this article my job would be to see if Nat Geo has repeated its tale of successful enchantment and attracted a substantial number of fans with its social media activities or not. Click here to increase your instagram fame. The goal is not only to judge the size of its presence, but also to see how actively engaged people are with the channel on social web.


National Geographic Channel has continued its remarkable job of informing, entertaining, engaging, and exciting people on social media as well. This is the reason why there is not much of negative emotions flowing about the channel on social web. After seeing the effort NGC puts in, it is safe to say that it is continuing its mission to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge” on social media as well.

National Geographic Channel on Social Media

National Geographic Channel on Twitter:

Overall, National Geographic Channel has performed remarkably well in Social Media. It has used various elements quite well in its posts on Twitter, which has amplified the reach of meaningful content that the TV channel had to share. But all doesn’t look great for NGC. It has 18.7 million twitter followers.

National Geographic Channel on Instagram:

Photo sharing networks like Instagram are often the quickest ways to find new friends with similar interests. Having personally benefited by Instagram powered by its simple hashtags. @natgeo is the top non-celebrity account on Instagram (besides the main Instagram account) with over 79.9 million followers. In the past year, it has published over 4,400 posts, amassing more than 1.5 billion likes and 13.7 million comments. To know more about Nat Geo visit our website.


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