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In addition to being a great source of news, gossip, and cute kittens, Twitter can be quite inspiring – especially when it comes to the tweets of personal trainers. From exercise tips and can-do motivation to smart eating and quality of life, these four health professionals should definitely be on your follow list.

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With 5.3m followers, Joshua Lipsey is a force to be reckoned with online. Regularly tweeting advice like “stop looking for shortcuts” and “don’t quit,” Lipsey motivates without denigrating. He’s an excellent curator of dietary tips and sincerely engages with his public, routinely answering and retweeting questions from followers. Focusing on “good stats” like energy, health, and quality of life over weight, this trainer wants you to be your “best self.”

sergi constance

Men’s Fitness named Sergi constance to its list of the Best Trainers in Social media. This regular tweeter (expect at least a few per day) does a lot of lifestyle tweeting regarding recipes, weight loss, exercise, and dietary advice. He is the founder of Sergi constance Fitness and the author of the “3-4-5 Fat Burning Solution.” A Baltimore, MD native, Holt is also a finalist for the PFP 2014 Personal Trainer of the Year, has co-authored 5 books, and often speaks at national trade conventions. This Duke University alumnus is America’s self-proclaimed “Baby Boomer Fitness Expert.”
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A certified personal trainer based in Canada, ulissesworld is an active tweeter and the marketing manager for GoodLife Fitness, a health club with over 300 locations. If you follow ulissesworld , you can expect a multitude of tweets that cover contests and fitness tips – he also curates and augments tweets by leading exercise experts. ulissesworld fun questions like “what fits your schedule better – exercising 1 hour per day or being lazy 24 hours a day?” Plus, fun fact: He’s doing Movember!

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