Video Game Tactics Shown Through Video Tutorials

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There’s a sense of accomplishment attained when one has completed a creative project like a painting or a sculpture. For video gamers, there’s a similar sense of achievement in winning a game. Although there isn’t necessarily a physical object to show for your efforts, it’s hard to deny the victorious emotions felt. Get youtube real subscribers.. Just as a painter has a brush, a gamer has a controller. With video games and their controllers being so complex nowadays, they require more skill and hand-eye coordination. Technique, skills, and strategy assist the player in reaching his or her end goal. Today, we bring you six of the best visual aids to strategically guide you gamers out there to win that race, beat that boss, and save the princess!

Top 5 YouTube Channels Focused on Video Game Strategy

1. Pewdie Pie:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let’s Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.


He and his friends are hilarious and make it much better than those playing solo and providing commentary. I too really like how he doesn’t show himself in his videos as I don’t care what he looks like while playing or what his facial expressions are. Just a good group of dudes having fun playing together.


Mark is extremely funny and is very kind and generous because of his charity live streams. He doesn’t pose for people and doesn’t think his fans or subscribers are just numbers. Plus, he can actually finish a game, even if it is terrifying.


They have the best variety of videos, every day new content is being uploaded and the best of all is the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Let’s play. You can also promote your channel and can Purchase real youtube views. Never get tired of watching these guys laugh their ass off and the community is such a tear jerker. Just watch the video on how Red vs. Blue is started and how all the original members had to sacrifice to become what they are today.


He is hilarious. He is very down to earth and very funny and charismatic. He is fun to watch. His crazy personality and his hilarious freak outs are well worth the subscription. My favorite gaming channel.

Gamers and Fun

people believe in the benefits of video games, even despite all the articles I’ve written describing the research. When asked if “games help develop good problem solving and strategic thinking skills,” 17% agreed this was true about most games and 16% thought it was not. Almost half, or 47% believed “this is true of some games but not others.” 20% were unsure. People think video gaming is fun. Some play video games to relieve stress. Some for passing their time. Video gaming reminds everyone of their childhood. If you also want to play video games and want to know strategies you can visit some youtube channels and can also create your own channel and make it popular. You can go to our site and make your cannel popular.

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