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Vogue is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine made up of many components including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway. Vogue began as a weekly newspaper in 1892 in the United States, before becoming a monthly publication years later. Vogue magazine is a celebration of unfolding history through the lens of style, and the unrivaled barometer for real-time consumer desires. It unites 24.4 million readers globally, and 42 million unique monthly online users. You can also increase your fan following and promote your accounts Get twitter followers. For over 125 years, Vogue has been the consistent voice of authority over the vicissitudes of the trend treadmill, sustained by hundreds of editors, assistants, photographers, and models. For 125 years now, the magazine has been registering both sartorial and societal shifts, changes charted across glossy pages and covers.

Vogue Fun Facts by the Numbers

  • 90: Number of dogs that have appeared on Vogue’s cover. The magazine’s first editor, Josephine Redding, who served from 1892 until 1900 and is credited with naming the publication, was known to prefer animals to fashion.
  • 41: Total number of Oscars won by the actors who have appeared on the cover of Vogue.
  • 26: Times Lauren Hutton has appeared on the cover of Vogue.She is adventurous, imaginative, jaunty, ethical in an old-fashioned Golden Rule fashion, direct, and brave. She is impetuous, too.
  • 6: Number of professional athletes who have appeared on the cover – and “fashion’s love affair with sports” is ongoing, according to Vogue’s April 2015 cover line.
  • 2: Number of celebrity couples to make cover appearances.
  • Number of princesses to cover Vogue.

Vogue style, influence and Social Media

The name Vogue means “style” in French. Vogue was described by book critic Caroline Weber in a December 2006 edition of The New York Times as “the world’s most influential fashion magazine “The publication claims to reach 11 million readers in the US and 12.5 million internationally. Visit our website to get social media services. Vogue magazine has millions of followers on social media. It has 16.6 million instagram followers and 13.1 million twitter followers. Furthermore, Wintour was described as one of the most powerful figures in fashion.

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